Frequently asked questions

Relating to parking

Q: We would like to park our car outside of the time period of our booking, can we do this?

A: There is usually a small amount of time on either side of your booking that you can park (45 mins), you need to get in contact and confirm this with the duty manager to do so. Parking outside of your booking can incur penalty charges that are significant enough to prevent abuse of the parking facilities.

Q: We would like to bring 2 cars is this possible?

A: No. Unfortunately we only have enough parking for our number of apartments. There is a local paid car parking bay approximately 5 m to the right of the building.

Q: I’m driving a Bus, Stretch Limo or a vehicle that isn’t of a normal size can we include this in your parking option.

A: No, we reserve the right to remove your parking option should we deem you to be excessive. Most 4x4’s and range rovers fit without any problems however if you’re driving / parking isn’t very good we may have to ask you to either re-park / park off site (ie on road permit).

Relating to check in

Q: What time is the earliest we can check in.

A: Check in runs from 2pm onwards however if you get in contact in advance and you would like to check in a little bit earlier (1hour) we will put you to the top of the list to facilitate this.

Q: What is the latest we can check in?

A: We are not a 24 hour business and as such the very latest you can check in is 9 pm, if you are going to do so at this time we would appreciate a quick text or email letting us know, thank you.

Q: We would like to check out at 5pm on the day of leaving, can we have a late check out.

A: No, the latest we will ever allow you to stay on the day of departure is 45 mins. We will never allow you to check out after the time period for someone else to check in. Sorry.

Q: We would like to check in outside of your open hours, can we assume that this will be possible?

A: No, we do some time make exceptions if you are willing to contact us in advance and request this. The default position is that once we are closed for the day if you have not notified us we are not required to check you in and you will be charged for your booking. We do try to be flexible however we are not a 24 hour business.

Relating to bookings

Q: We have made a reservation for 2 people and arrived with 5, what are our options?

A: If possible we will provide you with additional accommodation at an additional charge suitable for your party number. We do however reserve the right to charge the full amount for your booking and turn your full party away. We recommend that you put the correct number in your party into your search parameters and would like to point out that our accommodation is number specific 2 persons = 2 persons not 3 or 5 in this case.

Q: We have a problem and we need to speak to someone on site.

A: Typically there are staff on site most of the time if not almost all of the time, where they aren’t you can always call the phone number on our contact details and there will be some one 5-10 mins away.

Q: We are a young family with a small child, do they count as people in our booking and what services do you or dont you provide for children?

A: Children under the age of 2 are welcome inclusive of your booking (one per unit). We will provide complimentary travel cots, how ever we will not provide any bedding. Children over the age of 2 do count as people in your booking and should be accounted for. Some of the units will perform better for the use of a young family than others (stairs, bathroom facilities, amount of space) it is advisable to contact us prior to making a booking and is worth noting that we are not a specially designed child friendly establishment and that whilst your children are welcome there are establishments that cater specifically for this style of service and if you have specialised need  then please ask first.

Related to payments / terms and conditions / cancellations / refunds

Q: We’ve noticed you charge in advance at the time of the booking, why is this?

A: Every month we receive a certain number of booking confirmations from people who are thinking about visiting and as such close out a room allocation and then decide not to visit, this can cost us a significant amount in loses when we realise we have the incorrect payment options.

Q: Are there any additional charges on top of the fee stated in our booking confirmation,

A: No not typically, the only case where you may be charged in addition is in the event of damages and or you find yourself outside of your booking parameters.

Q: We’ve noticed that there is no refund option on our booking, is this correct? Can we make any changes to our booking and or receive a full refund?

A: You can cancel with a full refund providing you allow 6 weeks notice prior to the arrival date on the booking

Q: We have noticed that your terms and conditions seem a lot harsher than in some of the content on your website, what is legally binding and what would be the standard response.

A: We try very hard to work with our guests and to try and be flexible, however we receive a number of guests every year who push the limits of what we are able to provide. As such we have had to represent strict legal positions that we would prefer not enforce, please read terms and conditions.

Relating to damages

Q: I’m a smoker and I have decided to turn your non-smoking property into a smoking one, what are the repercussions of this.

A: A charge of more than £150 for cleaning services to start with.. If not more and probable relocation charges for the guest who may be staying in the apartment after you.

Q: I accidentally broke a wine glass / plate / etc

A: Normally we wouldn’t charge for small breakages, we keep a large stock of glasses onsite for this very occasion, please let us know so that we can replace it.

Q: I accidentally broke the table / chair /  bed what happens next?

A: Where you have been found to cause significant damages we will contact you and ask you to make payment to cover the cost of replacing the items and we may impose charges for our time and also any losses to incoming guests.