Group bookings

We are happy to take group bookings, whether family, friends or corporate, and our building lends itself well to this with all of our accommodation under one roof.

We are not, however, a suitable venue for parties, weddings etc and would like to emphasise that each apartment is only designed to accommodate the number of guests specified in the description/listing for that apartment and that we are sleeping accomodation not a venue for hosting parties.

There are accordingly clauses in our terms and conditions limiting the accommodation to the parties involved in the booking. If, for example, all 16 of our guests were to occupy the garden apartment (which has a 4 person allocation) they would technically be outside of their booking. This is because of the amount of damage that can very easily be caused by larger numbers of people being in one area, and becomes particularly problematic where alcohol and high spirits are involved.

This also applies to inviting guests onto our premises as your booking is specifically for the number of people in your party relating to your booking contract.

We ask that you respect our neighbours and other guests by limiting the amount of noise that is made at the property after 8pm, and would encourage you to use any of the excellent local pubs / bars / restaurants for hosting parties.

In cases where guests are outside of the terms of their bookings we reserve the right to ask all members of the party to leave and to charge the full cost of the booking, and if you have disturbed other guests or caused damage then you may/will be looking at further charges.

If there are any questions that you may have regarding a booking here at Number 17 please call or email us prior to making a booking.