How to check in

Our location can be difficult to find, please take the time to look at our map or on google maps so as to familiarize your self with our location prior to traveling.

There are two methods by which you can check in

a) Check in during onsite management staffing times (10am - 7/8pm)

b) Contactless check in by arrangement or by calling upon arrival using a Key safe at the entrance of the building.

Check in, is from 2 pm onwards with our final check in time being 9pm.

Check out is at 11 am.

On arrival, please ring the doorbell once, firmly, on the big blue front door. As it is a very large building and  it may take a minute or so to answer, your patience is appreciated.


Additional tips:

The numbers of the buildings on this road are not sequential, it is advisable to look on google maps and search for Number 17 Bath which has a specific pin point with our location or look on our map on the website.

Sat nav will take you to the wrong location approximately 15m further down the road.

Pulteney road and Great Pulteney St are in fact different locations, very close how ever if you are ringing the door bell of 17 Great Pulteney St then you are in the wrong place!