Parking facilities

One parking space only is provided per apartment. Please note nearest public parking 100 meters at Bath Cricket Club.

This is for the duration of your booking only, from 2pm – 11 am.

Please note there are penalties for parking outside of the time period of your booking with out permission of the management.

Typically this will be in our onsite car park although we may ask you to use an on road parking permit specifically for zone 1 local parking bays.

All cars must display their room’s parking permit for identification and as confirmation of your understanding of the rules regarding parking.

Whilst the intended use of our inclusive parking is for cars and estate vehicles, it is generally possible to accommodate larger vehicles (4x4s etc). However if you have problems parking your vehicle in a standard car parking space or in a supermarket car park we may ask you to park off-site.

If your vehicle resembles a stretch limo, a bus, or an extra-long wheel base vehicle, we reserve the right to ask that you park off-site, or we reserve the right to remove your parking option from your booking. It is very unusual for this to happen, but in the event that we are unable physically to accommodate your vehicle, we will remove it from your booking and will not refund any amount in respect of this.

We accept no liability for damages, lost property or personal injury in our car park or anywhere else in or on our property. Misuse or abuse of these services could result in additional charges, and in extreme cases we may have to ask you to leave.